A Mystical Moment in Time

Work from center out 11" maximum width
Lettering is best when stitch length is narrow or a solid pattern to reduce snagging

Left and Right Chest 3" to 3.5" wide height to balance width 
Center front or back 11" to 12" wide height to balance width

Design layout has infinite possibilities.  

Following are some guidelines for embroidery and eco-friendly printing. 


Increasing identity for your business, sports team, club or organization can easily be accomplished with embroidery and ink dye printing.  Please shop here for your blank professional wear and causal wear .  If you do not see what your looking for, please contact us, our resources are unlimited.

Embroidery can be done on shirts, jackets, pants, totes, hats, aprons, basically anything we can hoop and get a needle through. 

Ink dye printing works best on 100% cotton, 90/10, 80/20 and 70/30. Items to be printed must be flat. 

We realize you may have a specific item you want embellished. Carry in items are at owners risk. We take preventative steps to do the job correct; however we are working with machines and they sometimes do malfunction. 

Ball caps, visors & knit caps
Totes and towels 

Placement & Size

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here Jewel Chest or 1000 Pack or Holiday to view the pics we own. We also have stock designs from Embroidery Library.  As you browse the designs, the finished size and stitch count is given. Remember you can choose your own thread colors.  Please notate the stock number or name of the file for future referencing.                                                   

 Want your own design embroidered? Email  clean artwork for an estimate. 

We print on dark and light shirts. The number of colors does not effect what we print. When requesting a photo to be printed the brighter the light when the picture is taken allows for a clearer print. The higher the dpi the less you will see the pixels. We can print as small as you want or up to 14 inches wide by 16 inches high.

The ink we use is 70% water based, the other 30% is sublimation ink. Fabric with a percent of polyester will retain the ink longer. The finishing process is to add heat to the garment, allowing the polyester molecules to open, the ink drops in and then the molecule closes when cooled.

Imagine a country scene with the barn and field of corn, running into the scene are two embroidered horses in the colors of your horses. Please email your picture of the scene and your horses, we will print your scene and  do our best to match the horses.

We recomend printing photos on light color shirts. 

Shirt Coloring Guidelines

Our 30,000+ stock designs are from Dakota Collectibles 

and Embroidery Library.

Embroidery stock designs
We Order Blank Product from these Companies

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There are so many font possibilities. We could not begin to show them. 

This board was created for our customers. Offering
a realistic idea of the fonts.  I sewed together different
fabric types then embroidered fonts in various 
thread colors. 

Most fonts you have in your word processing list can be
turned into stitches.  Contact us with three of your 
choices and what fabric type.

Some fonts work better for business logos and names, 
such as  narrow aerial, block, and New Times Roman.

Fun or fancy fonts are great for monogramming on 
towels, bibs or aprons. 

Embroidery Designs

Ink Dye Printing

  • Prang crayons have more pigment and color retention than regular crayons. Non-toxic.

  • The darker you color; the more pigment goes into the shirt.

  • DO NOT fold shirt before heat setting.

  • DO NOT wash the colored shirt before heat setting, the crayon will wash out.

  • Let the shirt set overnight before heat treating.

  • To set pigment into the fabric, cover picture with paper towel, press straight down with hot dry iron. Press again with clean paper towel.

*Recolor if you desire. Repress.

Custom Embroidery & Garment Printing

Lettering Fonts & Embroidery

Limited by crown height on caps and visors 5" wide

Knit caps 3: wide

Shirt/jacket fronts