Custom Embroidery & Garment Printing

A Mystical Moment in Time

We love to help our customers create Special Moments. The photo on the left was the retiree's dream. Need a gift for Mom or Grandma? How about a picture of their grandchildren with the names embroidered. Or her beloved pet printed on a shirt or tote she can show the world. Visit Designers Loft for more information.


Does your club need a combined look for your gatherings? Coordinate shirts, jackets and hats. 

The Tickin T's held an "All Ohio Jamboree" in Mt. Vernon, OH in 2007. We coordinated tee shirts, hats, visors, business totes and a water bottle. Denim and sweatshirts were soon added by attending members. 

Businesses & Clubs

Apple Valley Lake

Looking for Apple Valley Lake apperal? Please visit the Marina. T-shirts, polo's, hooded and crew neck sweatshirts, totes and towels are among items available. Don't see your size, ask the staff to place an order for you.


Create your school spirit look on tee shirt, sweatshirt, blanket and book bag. We do ink dye to garment printing, not screen printing or heat transfer. Our process is not heavy, does not crack or peel. We suggest garments are turned inside out washed in warm water and cool dry.
Looking for a fund raiser? Maybe a class tee shirt with your school and graduating picture? How about a white tee shirt with a coloring page? Possibilities are unlimited.  Call for more information.


Terri's Thread Art